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When You Don't Ask about Fit, You’re Asking for Trouble

December 15, 2017

This article is third in a series about fit between a new Head of School/Superintendent and the school or district.  


In my last few blogs, I have written not only about the importance of fit, but also about the lack of attention given to this critical component of hiring a Head of School/Superintendent. Unfortunately, when a Board doesn’t consider fit, they’re inviting trouble.


Today, I’m going to take lack of fit to its logical conclusion. In other words, what happens when a Board doesn’t consider fit and hires a candidate because he or she “looks good on paper” and interviews well?


The answer: conflict . . . from day one. Without a comfortable fit between a Board and the new leader, Trustees can expect difficulties related to philosophy, priorities, communication, finance, and personnel, just to name a few.


A school or district in constant turmoil demoralizes the learning community. Faculty members begin to look elsewhere; parents get skittish; students sense the upheaval. When the Head of School or Superintendent is either terminated or moves on, the Board is forced to call a search firm (again), pay substantial search fees (again), and look through yet another stack of résumés. And ’round and ’round they go . . . .


Is your school or district tired of the Headmaster/Superintendent turnover treadmill? Help is available. Contact Academy Educational Consulting at 501-230-0881.

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