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Know Thyself, Part 3

May 1, 2018

This article is the third and final in a series about the conditions and challenges of School Board service.


This will be my final blog post on the conditions under which School Boards operate and the challenges that most of them face.  Again, the basis for this series is the report on School Boards prepared by Frederick Hess and the University of Virginia.


In short, research shows that all School Boards are not alike.  Specifically, the data show that large-district Boards are quite different from small-district Boards, primarily because large-district Boards “are more subject to political forces and have a much greater resemblance to other elected bodies than their colleagues in smaller districts.”


The similarities between large and small district School Boards are also worth mentioning.  In particular, the research showed that Board Members across the country contribute significant time to their duties and that student achievement was a top priority across the country.


While School Boards vary in size, goals, and resources, it is my hope that those who serve in these critical positions will seek outside help when they don’t have the educational background and/or expertise needed to make sound decisions.  I also hope Board Members know that the students, parents, and educators they serve appreciate their efforts.   

Are you ready to end your Head of School/Superintendent turnover troubles once and for all?  Help is available.  Academy Educational Consulting can help your Board take control of the leadership succession process, make hiring decisions with more confidence, and minimize the negative effects of turnover.  To learn more, contact Academy at 501-230-0881.

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