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There’s More to the Job than Just the Job

October 1, 2019

In this article, Dr. Blane Covert discusses hiring for the institution—not just the job.


The typical Board of Trustees hires a new Head of School or Superintendent based primarily on his or her knowledge, skills, and abilities.  They sift through piles of résumés, interview numerous candidates, and check references.  Of course, the candidates need to be able to perform the job competently, but a competent candidate won’t always be the right leader for your school.


The problem is that Boards rarely consider the attributes of the schools and districts they represent; in other words, they ignore the contexts in which the jobs exist.  Focusing on a candidate’s résumé at the expense of knowing who that person really is and what he or she truly believes is a serious oversight.  The values, attitudes, and behaviors of your next leader must align with those of your constituents.  


In short, both the job and the person matter.  


I teach Boards how to ascertain both person-to-job fit and person-to-school fit.


To learn more about how to make your next Head of School/Superintendent search a success, visit Academy Educational Consulting here or here.

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